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How To Embed A Video From Twitter To Your Website

Twitter has always supported embedding for tweets. The embed code adds a nice card to your website which updates to show the number of times the embedded tweet has been favorited and retweeted. Any images that have been tweeted appear in said card as well and now Twitter has added video embedding to its interface. Any video that you’ve tweeted or that has been tweeted publicly can now be embedded directly. Here’s how.

Step 1: Tweet a video. Alternatively, find a video that’s been tweeted.

Step 2: Go to Twitter.com. For some reason, Twitter doesn’t allow you to get the embed code for anything, a Tweet, a photo, and in our case a video from its mobile app. This might be because there is very little chance we’ll need the embed feature when we’re on a mobile device. Anyway, you need the web interface to get the embed code.

Step 3: Click the more button at the bottom of the Tweet. The button is there whether you’re viewing a tweet on your timeline or with a direct link.  You’ll see an ‘Embed Video’ option. Click it.


Step 4: Copy the code you get and add it to your website. You can choose to exclude the tweet itself by unchecking the ‘Include Tweet when logo is clicked’ option.


Here’s how it looks once it’s been embedded (with the Tweet excluded).

Click the play button to play the video. Move the mouse over a video and playback controls will appear. You can use them to jump to any position in the video, manage the volume, view the video in full-screen, or view the Tweet itself by clicking the Twitter logo at the bottom right.


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