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Enable Start Page, Folders, & App Info In The Chrome App Launcher

Google Chrome’s App Launcher is, in my opinion, a better way to launch browser apps than what Firefox has going. Google’s gone the extra mile by adding a search bar so that you can open a URL, an app, or even start a new search and send it to a new tab.  That is the App Launcher working as it should by default but if you use it often and wish it did more, you can enable a start up page and folders in the App Launcher. Additionally, you can also get information for an app from the context menu. Each features is enabled via experimental features in Chrome. Head over to Chrome://flags

Start Page

To enable the start page in the App Launcher, look for the Enable the App Launcher start page flag and enable it by clicking the Enable option. You will have to relaunch your browser. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the Relaunch Now button.


The Start Page houses apps from Google; you will see the Chrome Web Store app, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Keep appear on this page and you can scroll to the second page to access all other apps. It’s like a miniature version of what the New Tab page in Chrome used to be before the App Launcher was introduced and the Google Bar added to it.


If you have a lot of Chrome apps installed and you would like them to take up as few pages of the launcher as possible, you can organize them into folders. To enable folders in the App Launcher, go the flags page in Chrome and enable Enable App Launcher folders. Relaunch Chrome.


The folders look a lot like the ones you see on Android. To create a folder, click and drag an app icon and drop it onto any other one that you want to include in the folder. Continue adding more apps to it to suit you need. Folders are not automatically named. To name a folder, open it and type in a name where it says Unnamed folder. To remove an app from a folder, right-click it and select the ‘Remove from folder’ option.

View App Info

The App Info option appears when you right-click an app icon in the App Launcher. It’s useful if you forget what an app does though you won’t need it if you only have popular apps installed. Enable Enable the app info dialog from the flags page.


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