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Export Multiple Gmail Messages As A Google Doc For Easy Batch-Printing [Chrome]

Emails have all but replaced paper in many offices, but we aren’t free of paper entirely; not yet, anyway. There’s always that rare occasion that calls for the printing an email; it might be needed as part of some essential work process, some legal or governmental procedure, simply some personal use like printing out a receipt for an online purchase. The fact is that emails are seldom printed, but printed at times nevertheless. Now printing an email is no big deal, but what if you need to print a whole bunch of them, like an entire email thread? Gmail Print All for Chrome is a Chrome app that makes it easier to print emails in bulk. It asks you to select a label from the ones added in your Gmail account and then exports all the emails in that label to a document that is saved to your Google Drive. You can then download the document and print it out with ease.

Gmail Print All for Chrome installs as an app but it is actually a script. You will have to authorize it to connect with your account. Once connected, launch it from the New Tab page, select the label you want to print emails from, and click ‘Print to Drive’.

Gmail Print All for Chrome

Depending on the number of messages in that label, the app will take some time to prepare the document. Once it’s ready, a link to the document will appear. Click it to view the document in your Google Drive.

Gmail Print All for Chrome ready

The app does a great job, but there is an obvious problem here: what if you don’t want to print out all 100 messages in a particular label? What if you only want to print let’s say, two, three or four of them? There is a simple workaround for that. Find the messages you want to print and give them a new, distinct label. When you launch the app, your new label will be listed as well, and you’ll then be able to print only the emails that you have marked with that particular label.

Gmail Print All for Chrome works fine, but it can do with a filter feature. To print emails in bulk based solely on a label means waiting a long time for the app to create the document, and it can also be a waste if you don’t require some or many of those emails to be printed. A simple filter that allows you to print messages received that week, or the last ‘x’ number of messages would be good enough, and it would also be great if you could select emails by a sender’s name without having to create a new label for them manually first.

Download Gmail Print All for Chrome From Chrome Web Store

[via Lifehacker]

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