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Find Budget Laptops Specifically For Gaming, Programming, Or General Usage

A laptop counts as one of the bigger purchases you make. When you buy one, you definitely want to make sure it’s the right one and that it will last you a few years. Finding the laptop is the hard part and it usually involves browsing thousands and thousands of product pages, reading specs, and more. Some of the biggest laptop manufacturers have truly unhelpful websites making it hard to tell which laptops are meant for a specific purpose. The bottom line is, unless you already know the kind of specs you need in your laptop, the search for the right one is going to be a very long one. LappyList is a web app that can help you narrow down the choices and even educate you on what kinds of specs you need and why.

Visit LappyList, and select what particular need you want your device to meet. The three broad needs are Gaming, Programming, and Mainstream. There isn’t a Entertainment or Design option. The other options include Ultraportable (laptops that are easy to move around with), and Convertibles (laptop & tablets in one).


Once you select a particular type, LappList will list all laptops that fit your need. The list shows detailed specs for each laptop and is categorized by budget i.e. ultra low, low, medium, medium-high, high, very high, and ultra high. If you mouse over a spec, you can read details about that particular component.

Best Gaming Laptops List Lappylist

We mentioned early on that the LappyList also educates you on how to determine which specs matter for your particular need. On the home page, scroll down to the ‘How to pick what’s important to you?’ section and expand the CPU, GPU, Memory, etc options to read about what they do and what role they play in a laptop’s abilities.

The list on LappyList is updated fairly often. If you click a model name, it will take you to the vendor site where you can purchase it. The list gives you a great comprehensive look at the specs available in your budget. The laptops that suit you are narrowed down, and reading up on their specs is far easier.

Visit LappyList


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