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Find Out How Many People Were Upset By A Facebook Post

Facebook has changed the Like button so that it can be used to express a wider range of emotions. The new emotions that we can express towards a post are love, amazement, sadness, laughter, and of course anger. To the ordinary user this is just a better way to express how they feel about sad news but if you’re sitting on the other side i.e., pushing content to Facebook it’s a pretty good tool to see how the content you push is being received. Some content might just spread because it’s anger inducing while the other might be exceptionally popular because it’s a picture of a kitten. Facebook has always let you see how many likes a post has received and with this new addition, it lets you see how many people had one of the six supported reactions.

Visit a Facebook post; it can be something posted from your own profile or your own page, or it can be something someone else shared. If you only see that a post has likes and none of the the other emotions appear next to the ‘Liked’ number it means everyone who has thus far seen the post only used the like option. If you see one of the other reaction icons it means people had more than just a ‘Like’ reaction. Tap or click the number of reactions and you will be able to see the reactions all sorted by type. This works on both mobile and desktop. Swipe to a tab and see who loved a post and who thought it was amazing.

fb-likes fb-post-likes

Use this information well and tweak the content you share.

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