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Find Out When The ISS Will Be Visible In Your Area

Star gazing is a fun hobby and if you can find clear enough skies that aren’t washed out with the usual light pollution that is all too common when living in larger cities, you can have so much fun finding and identifying constellations, planets, and even spotting a shooting star or two. Of course, planets and stars aren’t the only things to spot in the night sky. The International Space Station is one of the more popular objects to spot from Earth and NASA has a tool called Spot The Station that lets you easily find it in the sky above you. The tool asks for your current location and will give you a schedule of when the ISS will be visible above you in the coming days. You can share the schedule and sign up for alerts.

Visit the Spot The Station tool (link at the end) and enter your country and city of residence. Click ‘Next’.


You will be given a schedule of when the station becomes visible, how long it remains visible and which direction and angle it will appear in, as well as when it will disappear. You can share the schedule to Facebook and Twitter, sign up to get alerts for when the station becomes visible in your area, and follow the alerts via an RSS feed.


If you scroll further down the page, you will also see when the¬†CYGNUS shuttle will be visible in your area. It’s currently on its way to the ISS to restock supplies and it should dock on December 9, 2015. If the station is visible in your area on that date around the shuttle’s docking time you’re in for a pretty good show.

Visit Spot The Station By NASA

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