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Flickr Gets New Web, Android App Design, Cover Photos & 1TB Free Space

Flickr is a treasure trove of amazing photos. Comprising of stunning collections of original shots as well as stunning digital art created by its users, the service is one of the largest online picture collections you will find, and it has just been redesigned. I for one think it’s about time too; visiting Flickr in the past always made me ask myself why it was still the year 2000 on Flickr, but Yahoo has finally given the service a much needed makeover. The interface is now image-focused and instead of the tiny (and occasionally ineligible) text, you have an infinitely scrolling stream of images from your contacts as well as your own albums. There’s a new image viewer as well, and the service now offers you one terabyte of storage space, saving and viewing photos in full resolutions, and a very handy little tool that tells you just how many full resolution images you can fit into a terabyte based on their resolution. Flickr’s new design isn’t exactly unique or unconventional; it’s done what most image sharing services did a while back and plastered its background with images. Though regardless, it’s still a major improvement..

Welcome to Flickr

New Home Page

The new home page is split into two columns; the larger one is dedicated to photos you or your contacts have uploaded, while the smaller one on the right suggests content or useful links. Each image is accompanied by a thumbnail of the user who uploaded it. You can favorite an image, add a comment, or share it. If the image you’re viewing isn’t from a contact, a small ‘Add’ button next to the user’s thumbnail will allow you to add them to your contacts.

flickr home page

Profile & Cover Photo

Much like every other web service these days, your Flickr profile now has a cover photo, and it makes sense since Flickr is where you’re sharing and uploading images. As you scroll down, you will see that images are now displayed as large tiles. You can also view your photostream as a slideshow.

Flickr coverphoto

How Much Better Is Biggr?

Now that you have a whole terabyte of space, you might be wondering just how many photos you can upload to it before it runs out. Flickr’s new home page features a neat little tool that should give you a reasonable estimate of what you can do with that space. Depending on the resolution of the photos you’re uploading, the Biggr tool tells you how many photos of that same resolution will fill 1TB.

flickr space

New Ad-Free & Double Storage Plans

Your free account with 1TB space features ads, and Flickr is asking for $49.99 a year to get rid of them. If you need more space, you can get twice as much as you get with your free account i.e. 2 TB for $599.99 a year.

Flickr Upgrade

Redesigned Android App


Flickr’s Android app, like its web interface, has followed in its iOS variant’s footsteps with a complete UI overhaul that undoubtedly surpasses its previous look. It does support cover photos yet, but photostreams now scroll infinitely and the images appear as large tiles.

Download Flickr For Android


The new Flickr interface is definitely much better than ever, but that’s just in comparison to the way it used to be. If you look at image sharing and hosting services like Instagram, you still feel just how overwhelming and messy Flickr feels. While giving the service a new look, the footer seems to have been left out (or forgotten) entirely. The changes are certainly welcome but for many casual users, the interface might still be more complex than it has to be.

Visit Flickr


  1. Would be interesting to know if they finally allow hotlinking again. Many people used the old (very old) Flickr for their external WP image database and manually hotlinked their (private on Flickr) photos. Then Flickr did forbid that… and now? Any change?

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