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Flipbeets Is A Region & Topic-Based Magazine-Style News Reader For Web

Filtering out relevant news items from an overflowing feed can sometimes be quite frustrating. If you’re the type who likes to keep things tidy and organized, you could give Flipbeets a shot at assorting your news. Relying on specialists in a dozen countries, this self-described global news aggregator curates news and information articles from some of the most popular sites on the web. Specially designed for fly-by readers, the website features ready-made categories of topics, and makes discovering new content and sharing it on social media a breeze. Precision and concision rhyme well on Flipbeets.

You can take a quick peek at Flipbeets via the link provided at the end of the post. The website brings a neat, Pinterest-esque sense to news aggregation. Along the top edge, you have drop-down menus where you can select different categories of news feeds, and also zone in on region-specific stories by picking one of the dozen listed countries.


Each news tile comes with buttons for sharing that particular story on social media. Click the attached link to open up the story’s source website in a different tab. If you want to view other items from the same website right within Flipbeets, click the square window-like Site Feeds button. When you click a tile, it expands into a popup for convenient reading.

Flipbeet popup

To personalize your Flipbeet experience further, you can sign in with your Facebook account via the ‘Log in’ button at the top bar (next to the topic and country selection menus). Once signed in, you’ll be presented with the ‘Settings’ page containing the same menus, but this time you’ll be able to add items to your feed instead of switching between different categories. You can, for example, select multiple countries and categories, and from their combined ‘Related Sites’ list, pick out the websites you want to subscribe to. Once you have everything selected according to your preferences, click ‘Submit’ to apply the changes.

Selecting favorite feeds for my account

So, here’s what your very own, personalized, Flipbeets page will will look like.

My Flipbeet page

You can view feeds topic-wise and country-wise from the options bar at the top. If you want to add more categories or websites to your feeds list, you can do so by going back to the ‘Settings’ page via the gear button on the bar. In order to remove a particular website you’ve favorited, go to ‘My favorites’ via the same button.

Deleting a website from the newsfeed

If you want Flipbeet to display news items from a particular website only, click the gray ribbon right next to the main ‘Flipbeets’ button. Your ‘Favorite sites’ list will slide out, from which you can pick the desired one.

Quickly access your favorite websites

Flipbeets is well-optimized for PCs, tablets and smartphones alike.

Visit Flipbeets

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