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GeoCha: Location-Based Chat & Information Through Interactive Map [Web]

Ever wanted your map to tell you more about the location of interest. Many would wonder how exactly a map would benefit the common user. Imagine emergency situations at specific locations, a talk or a seminar that would interest you, being highlighted on a virtual interactive map. Moreover, private and public chat rooms according to location would definitely knit the community closer. GeoCha is a web application that allows you to locally communicate with the society with emphasis on events, happenings and details of locations. In addition, you can create POI (Points of Interest) to guide people on the road, the geographic interface simplifies the requirements of reporting and journalism as every individual begins reporting updates on the platform. In addition, features like real-time chat, meeting setup and channel pulse allow you to stay connected and alerted to every useful detail happening around you.

You can begin the GeoCha experience by clicking the Local Chat – NOW button that allows you to pinpoint locations and assign benchmarks in accordance with your requirements.


There are multiple ways to login to the interface. The best way is to create a new GeoCha account as it would provide a standalone access option. On the other hand, it supports social networks like Facebook and Twitter accounts to act as an entry key to the application. Moreover, if you just want to leave a message or initiate a chat at a specific location, enter the captcha code to login as a guest user.

Login - Geocha

Now, you can create a channel by entering the address of the point of interest, dragging the POI icon over the map and typing in the respective message. This would create a channel for you that would yield an access link to be shared or accessed from wherever you require.

Create channel - Geocha

The Channel Pulse feature enables location alerts to reach your inbox for reporting and documentation. For this, you must mention the appropriate contact details in the GeoCha profile.

Channel Pulse - Geocha

With these steps, you have created a channel and a local chat group at a point of interest. At any point you can navigate back to the location and click the pink icon, which reveals the discussion thread at the top of the window. Clicking the arrow on the right, expands the settings pane to configure your profile and actions.

GeoCha - Instant Local Chat

All in all, GeoCha is an easy-to-use web app that adds value to Google Maps and is worthy to serve as a local client for chat and navigation. The application is available both as a web utility as well as an iPhone App.

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