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Get Food & Restaurant Recommendations Inside Facebook Messenger

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but deciding what to have for lunch can take over thirty minutes. If you’re eating with a group of people this can take longer. If you’re often unable to decide what or where to eat whether by yourself or with friends, you might want to give Where a try. It’s a Facebook Messenger bot that helps you decide what to eat and where to have with by giving you suggestions all inside Facebook Messenger.

Visit Where and click the ‘Message’ button. A chat window will appear with a ‘Get Started’ button that you have to click to kick things off.

Where -fb-bot

Where asks you what you want to eat and that’s one of the reasons why I love it all the more. When deciding a place to eat, particularly when a larger group of people are involved, I’ve found deciding the type of food before deciding a place always speeds up the process. You can ask the bot to help you decide or pick something random for you. Where tempts you with different types of food by showing you a slideshow of very appetizing dishes. It’s categorized by type i.e. fast food, pasta, sandwiches etc. If you like what you see, click the ‘I want this’ button below the image.


Where will ask you for your location and then find places nearby. Click the suggestion and it will take you to Google Maps and pin point where the eatery is.


Where works well but it won’t necessarily find every eatery nearby. It’s not clear which ones it leaves out and why. For example, it was unable to find Subway when I asked it to find a place where I can get sandwiches. That said, it’s still pretty good and I’m hopeful it will get better.

Add Where Bot To Facebook Messenger

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