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Get Inspiration Using Auto Generated Templates For Hard To Write Emails

We often talke about how difficult it is to deal with email everyday. Most discussions, most services for that matter, revolve around making email easier and less painful to manage. Very few services touch on the other side of emails; writing an email. We’ve all at some point written and received bad emails and that begs the question, ‘What do people think when they write bad emails?’ For a lot of people, simply not knowing what is ‘appropriate’ in a situation can lead them to unintentionally write bad emails. Contactually is a service that helps you manage business relationships and it’s released a little web app that can give you an email template for different email situations. It’s free to use and you can get more templates by signing up for a trial account to the service. The templates aren’t bad ranging from basic sales and feature updates to a few personal ones aimed at an ex.

Open the template generator (link at the end) and select who the audience for your email is, and the situation you are emailing them about. Your audience can be a customer, an ex, a lawyer or related to a legal situation, a sales lead, an ex-client, or someone really important. The subjects for the email obviously are different based on the audience and they cover the common situations you would find yourself in. Once you’ve set these basic parameters, click the ‘Generate template!’ button.

Email Template Generator

You can copy the text of the template and use it with your preferred email client. You only get one template per audience-situation. They aren’t bad (except the ones meant for an ex-lover) so while you may not use them as they are, they do help you find a place to start.

Email Template Generator 1

Visit Contactually Email Template Generator 


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