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Get User Response On App Ideas & Preview Upcoming Apps On PreApps

In the last few years, we have seen tremendous growth in the mobile apps market, specially in Android and iOS. With the release of Windows 8 came Windows Store, another app market with a great potential because of the huge user base of Windows. When new developers launch their apps in one of these markets, they are faced with the problem of making a place for themselves among the already popular apps of the same genre. For instance, someone making a browser for Android will have to compete with the likes of Chrome, Opera and Dolphin HD.

Since these apps have already made their name and provide users with a lot of features, investing all that time and money in app development and then not receiving positive feedback can be very demotivating. PreApps is a web-service for developers to upload their app ideas before launching them on the market, and for users to preview upcoming apps, rate them and post comments. Developers can upload the description of the app, with screenshots and videos, polls about the app price, and choose people for beta testing. Users can then rate the app based on the given information and provide their feedback on the available or missing features.

PreApps caters to apps for all major platforms including iOS (both iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Mac. The main page displays the featured and top upcoming apps such as the iPad app of the week, iPhone app of the month, Android app of the month etc.

PreApps Main

Scrolling down on the main page displays the Top PreApps & New PreApps lists, and options to only view apps for a particular device platform, or from a specific category.PreApps Search

The Categories tab at the top allows you to quickly filter the view for a particular category of apps such as Books, Business, Game, Photo & Video, Sports etc.

PreApps Categories

The App Ideas tab allows any user to post their app ideas and receive user feedback in the form of votes and comments. According to the website, the app idea with the most amount of votes will be developed into an app for free.

PreApps App Ideas

The Top Apps tab shows you the top voted ideas while under Top Charts, you can view top-rated free as well as paid apps that are already available. This section is currently limited to apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and it’ll be nice to see Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 getting their spots here as well.

PreApps Top Charts

Clicking the name of any app idea lets you view its description and screenshots (when available). Moreover, you have the option to vote on the idea and voice your opinion by leaving comments with your name and email address.

PreApps App Idea

To upload and manage your own app ideas, you’ll have to register an account with the service. Registration is free and allows anyone can check the viability of their app ideas and get feedback from real potential users before investing money or time in the project.

PreApps Account

The Developers tab offers some useful guidelines about posting app ideas to the service. Moreover, there are tips & tricks available for new developers to make their apps more appealing to users. PreApps also offers several paid packages with extended services. Premium users can choose to display their app on the home page for 30 days, create surveys and polls, have a featured banner, and more.

PreApps Tips & Tricks

Any user can upload their own app idea to the service by creating an App Profile. It is a step by step process that lets you add all the relevant information such as the App Title, description, expected release date, screenshots, video, estimated price, category, list of your previously created apps etc.


PreApps also offers app development services for those of us who have great app ideas but don’t know how to develop them, along with a few other handy services including icon creation, demo video creation and press releases. If you are an upcoming developer, posting your app idea on PreApps is a great way to conserve your time and money and making sure that your idea is worth pursuing.

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  1. Did you see the GoDaddy commercial for the Super Bowl? How many people think that they are the only person in the world with an idea. The reality is there are at least 3 – 5 other people with your exact same idea, the question is who is going to do it first and who’s going to establish themselves in that market space as the leader?

  2. I wouldn’t get user feedback on app ideas (at least not through this means) if I thought my idea was worthy. Because if it is, what will stop someone from stealing it.

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