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Get A Video-Focused YouTube Layout That Resizes The Player With Window Size

YouTube’s new design overhaul looks pretty neat, but its left-alignment is going to overshadow most of its positive changes. If you want to fix the orientation of the design, try this user script to realign YouTube to the center. If you’ve given up trying to like it altogether, try Unique Youtube Skin. It’s a script that completely changes YouTube’s layout. The change only effects individual video pages and not the front page or channel pages. It replaces the player with a larger one that takes up the entire left side of the page and resizes itself when according to the size of the window. The comments appear on the right with suggested videos below them. The search bar is repositioned to the top right above the comments. Using Unique Youtube Skin is going to be a matter of personal preference. If you prefer to put the player at center stage without having to give up viewing comments entirely, then you’ll love it. You’ll enjoy being able to scroll through comments with the video still visible on the left.

Also, with suggested videos tucked below the fold, you are less likely to spend hours watching more videos than you need to.

Unique Youtube Skin

For most users, however, the suggestions being out of view might actually be a deal breaker, seeing as it’s such a good way to discover videos on YouTube. Apart from that, the player itself adds a large black space above the video when the window is larger. Playback is always in the default resolution, which is both good and bad. If the window you’re watching the video in is maximized, the quality will obviously suffer, but if the window is smaller, you might not want the high resolution. The good thing in either case is that even if you resize the window, the resolutions won’t change so any buffering that the video’s done isn’t lost.

It’s probably not the best alternative to the new YouTube design, and if you like most of the latter, you should try fixing the alignment using the aforementioned center-alignment scripts to see if you can get used to it. Firefox users will need to have Greasemonkey installed for this script to work, while Chrome users will need to drag & drop the downloaded file on to the extensions page. The link below will take you to its download page.

Download Unique Youtube Skin For Chrome & Firefox

[via Ghacks]

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