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GIFDeck Turns Presentations On SlideShare Into GIFs

An important question that modern technology begs to ask is , ‘Can GIFs ever be used for anything other than witty internet comments?’.  It goes without saying that life presents us with very few moments when a GIF might actually be used, and even fewer moments where such usage would be appropriate. Meet GIFDeck; it’s an amazing little service that turns presentations on SlideShare into GIFs. By default, it will convert the first ten slides though you can include more if you need to. The final output GIF can be saved to your local drive and used just about any way you want.

To convert a presentation into a GIF, paste its link and click Submit. This will convert the first ten slides to a GIF. Since you are converting a presentation and not a video, you won’t have to worry about much about frame rate but what you might want to adjust is the speed which effects how long a slide will be visible until it switches to the next one. To do so, and to include more than ten slides in the final GIF, click the little cog wheel icon and it will expand to reveal options for the number of slides to include, the interval between changing slides and the size of the final GIF.

GifDeck settings

Click Submit and the app will give you your GIF. Click Save to save it to your desktop. The quality of the GIF is good and very usable. It is in fact good enough to be used in a presentation itself.



If you’re wondering where you can use a GIF of a presentation then GIFDeck gives you a couple of suggestions, my favorite being to use it when you tweet. It’s a great tool as far as people attending or presenting at conferences are concerned. You can give your audience a preview of the presentation that is to be given or you might even use it as a sales tool.

GIFDeck  features different sizes for GIFs but apart from that, there is no way to reduce the size of the file. You can perhaps compress it later if you have the right app for it.

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