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Habit Grooming, Self Improvement App Lift Comes To The Web

Breaking bad habits or developing good ones isn’t easy, but there are smartphone apps like Lift for iPhone that try to help you with just that. Much like checking into a place on Foursquare, Lift has you check in each time you’ve practiced a good habit, or restrained from a bad one. The app has now introduced a web interface that allows you to check-in to your habits, add new ones, and set reminders from your desktop. The interface almost entirely mimics the iPhone app, and the features are the same as well. You can add habits, edit existing ones, add friends, follow users, and view your check-in stats.

If you’re already using Lift on your iPhone, you can use the same account to sign in to Lift on the web. If this is the first time you’re using the service, you can just sign up for a free account and start adding habits that you want to improve or develop.

The left column on your home page shows which habits you’re currently following, while the right column lets you add habits, find your friends, update your profile, and join groups.


You can add a new habit or follow some of the existing ones that many users are already following. Habits are categorized and can be followed by clicking the ‘Join’ button. If you can’t find a habit that you’re trying to develop or break, you can enter a new one from the bar above the list of habits.

join habit

Head back to your home page and whenever you practice a good habit, click the check mark next to it. When you check into a habit, you can see who else was recently checked in and how often they have done so. Lift begins counting the number of times you check in to a habit, which you can see for yourself from the stats. You’re also shown this number each time you check in to that habit.

Lift check in

The ‘Activity’ tab lets you see how many people have checked into a habit, and the ‘Me’ tab lets you view a summary of your progress for each habit.

Lift Me

To set a reminder, go to the Reminders page from the cog wheel drop-down. Reminders can be set for each habit for a specific day (or days) and time. These reminders help you set a schedule for engaging in a particular habit like reading, or exercising.

Reminders lift

The ‘Setting’s page allows you to edit your profile, change your password, connect your twitter account to Lift and perhaps most importantly, manage your notifications. All notifications are sent via email and you can get a notification for when someone gives you props for checking in to a habit, comments on your activity, or starts following you.

Settings lift

Lift helps you find a community of people who are trying to bring the same changes to their life as you, adding a social aspect to the process. Much like having a diet or exercise buddy, this service lets you connect with a much larger group  to further motivate you in acquiring good habits and getting rid of bad ones.

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