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Handy Maps: Quickly Access Google Maps Through The Chrome Toolbar

When it comes to finding routes and destinations, getting directions and virtually exploring a location, Google Maps need no introduction. However, should you want to speed up the process of finding directions, addresses or popular places and get relevant information without opening a website, then Handy Maps is a Chrome extension that would interest you for certain. The extension lets you make quick searches through the Chrome toolbar and displays Google Maps in a handy pop-up. It lets you search for just about anything – address, city, country, streets etc, and you can also get a street view right within the pop-up.

After you’ve installed the extension, you can click the button in the toolbar to open Google Maps in a pop-up. The extension will automatically find your current location. In order to find a route between two different points, all you need to do is enter the addresses, and Handy Maps will automatically plot a route for you. Moreover, you will find a Show on map option in the right-click context menu, which allows you to search Google Maps from any website. Once you’ve found your desired location or a route, you can close the pop-up and continue browsing the web.


You can also switch between Map and Satellite modes within the extension. Additionally, the extension offers you a street view as well, which can be viewed with or without labels, depending on your preferences.

street view

Handy Maps gives you speedier access to Google Maps and quickly lets you find your favorite places; however, it would have been nicer if the extension could retain the last search once the pop-up was closed.

Install Handy Maps For Google Chrome

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