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Here’s What We’re Planning At AddictiveTips

In 2008, the internet was a very different place. It had been a year since the first iPhone was announced and that year, the first commercially produced Android phone was launched by HTC. Snow Leopard debuted in the summer of that year and it would be another year until Windows 7 came out leaving users with the unsatisfactory Vista version.

It was a time of discovery; users were testing what these new devices could do and looking to get more out of their desktops than ever before. Apps and programs were exciting to try out, difficult to find, and sometimes too shady looking to install. It was all this that led to the creation of AddictiveTips; a blog dedicated to helping users find reliable apps and tips, tutorials that worked, and an honest opinion on what was good and what wasn’t.

The internet landscape is very different today. Since 2008, people have grown comfortable with the new technology and the vastly powerful devices now at their disposal. Our readers today know what a good app is and more often than we can count, we’ve had dedicated readers send us some great tips and write to us about their favorite apps.

And that is the future for AddictiveTips. In a few weeks we plan to pivot into a new community powered website which will change how we share tips and apps. Our new website will allow you to engage in valuable constructive discussions as well as contribute your favorite apps, productivity tricks, tips, tutorials, and more for the benefit of everyone. Through everyone’s collective feedback and opinions, the community will decide what’s good, what’s bad, and what works.

The old AddictiveTips will continue to live on in the archives of the internet. The new AddictiveTips will grow to what we hope will become a reliable place for people to come and find the best tips on the internet.

We would love to hear what you’d like to see in the new AddictiveTips so drop a comment below. We’re listening!

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  • Shahrez Qureshi

    AT has been my number one resource for many things. I am an avid rrdditor but somehow always find something useful at this site, be it some elaborate tutorial on how to enable mail filters in gmail or something else.
    You guys have been pretty amazing, I wish both you and the new AT a hearty best of luck.

    Keep growing!

  • Mohammad Ovais

    I have found some very good apps both for my PC as well as phone on Addictive Tips. I am a major app geek, and whenever I have an itch I turn to you guys, and never come back disappointed. Thanks a lot for your efforts.
    Now I think this is a very smart idea and definitely a step up by expanding the website. There are tons of good apps out there that can be highlighted by users. I am excited for this. Keep it up guys.

  • Analog33k

    AT is definitely a good place to find handy tips. Nice site, nice design, posts properly written (I’ve hardly seen a typo).

    IMHO, the problem is visibility. Nice products don’t serve anybody if they’re unknown from the crowd. I know it’s hard (I’ve given up blogging ^^) but for a site like this, it appears to be, at least for me, one of the key success factors for the coming years (months ???).

    You could also give a new look to the site. Not an overhaul, not that it’s ugly right now! I love it like this, but I don’t know why, people nowadays don’t like things that are static for a long time. Just a suggestion, though…

    Anyway, thumb up for what you’re already doing and much luck for what is coming ahead !


    [Sorry for my English, I’m a native French speaker ^^)

  • DoctorRabbitfoot

    Just keep the RSS feed useful and I’ll keep visiting!

    • Yes, we plan to keep the RSS feed. We believe it’s the best way to discover new stuff.

  • Love your works, this is the only site that keep doing tips for Windows and Browsers, but sure, there’s not a prime time for this kind of stuff.

  • Jasper

    I’m looking forward to seeing the changes you guys have in store. I would’ve remained a regular visitor regardless, but knowing the crew at AT it’s going to be awesome. Thanks for the past few years. Your end-of-year app round-ups (for all platforms) were among the best on the internet. Can’t wait for what’s next.

  • jimi21

    I’m a recent user of this amazing web site, i found a lot of tips here, so i wanted to thank you for your great job here and i’d like to suggest you to make a new section of this wonderful site dedicated to apps that fit android design, and one other that can match modern ui in Windows. In fact for me the gui of an app si quite essential as its functionality.

  • Peter

    One of the most reliable sources I used to explore every single day. Guys, you are doing perfect job and keep growing !!

  • ImAndreaGlass

    Sounds cool, and I’m looking forward to it! I love AT because I’ve found many useful tips, apps, sites, and extensions, many of which I haven’t read about elsewhere. Though I don’t yet have my own site, I like to curate and share other people’s content (that I find interesting/useful) on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn through my personal accounts. AT has been and will continue to be one of my go-to sources from which to share content.

    To be clear, are you going to allow any of your readers to contribute their own content? Will it be more of a forum or Quora-type format?

  • actingmark

    I just hope you do not forget, as you seem to have already, that there are many us us still using a desktop PC and do not use mobile computing.

  • Inolvidable

    Addictive Tips has been one of my daily sources for years now. Congratulations for what you have achieved and I wish you the best on this new (and promising) project

  • Seniorgeek

    Please keep the RSS feed as I use it daily.

  • Hi AT, hi Users, I think that is the wright step in the wright direction! AT did a great job in the past….always nice to scroll through the articles……always finding interesting things……but as you all know…..WWW is changing very fast and same on the hardware side…..using often smartphones and tablets is more part of the life than ever before, and no end in sight…..so all the best for your new plattform with the best from both worlds……Mod. – Team AT and the Users! Together we are able to get more out of it. A dialog is always better than a monolog.

    See you all at the new plattform! Enjoy! Stay tuned