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Appear.in: Host A Video Conference Call Where No One Needs An Account

When you’re working in a large team, effective communication is the key to getting anything done. You need every member of the team to know what’s really happening therefore, a central place to chat becomes the obvious solution. Chat rooms have been around for decades now, fulfilling all types of purposes. But most such services require you to sign up for an account first and then pay hefty monthly fee, and that’s where things start to get really messy. Appear.in, however, is a different take on video chat that makes itself stand out from the crowd by letting you create free chat rooms and share them with up to 8 people, allowing all of them to video conference without creating an account.

Probably the biggest advantage Appear.in offers over other video conferencing apps and services is that you don’t have to install anything on your computer. Your chat room is created following a few steps, and you can start your video conference right way from your web browser. The service currently supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, and works absolutely without any extensions.

After visiting the Appear.in website, simply type your chat room name in the input field on the website’s homepage and click Create. You can give your chat room any name of your choice.


The service then asks for permission for using your PC’s mic and camera to get started. Simply click the Allow popup on your web browser and you will be all set and done.

Appear.in Allow

Appear.in then creates a unique link with your chatroom in it, which you can distribute out to the chat participants. For instance, if the chat room name is Addictivetips, then the URL will look like something like www.appear.in/addictivetips (there is no one here).

Clicking this link allows the participant to join the chat room, assuming they have a webcam and they granted its access to Appear.in of course. As mentioned earlier, your chat room link can be distributed to up to 8 persons in total. The chat room area allows you to view all the video feeds from every participant. Not only can you hold a video conference with them but also send text messages if you want. Any video window can also be switched to full screen on the fly.


Appear.in also enables you to claim a room permanently by registering its URL and name with your e-mail address. This allows the owner more control and flexibility over the room such as customizing its background image, set room keys and distribute to specific people, and a few additional perks. Appear.in is currently available for the Web and iOS.

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