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How To Block All Mention Of Pokemon Go From The Internet

Pokemon Go has turned into one of those things that everyone is talking about. There are few corners of the internet left where the game isn’t being discussed and like anything that takes the internet by storm, there are people who are sick and tired of hearing about the game. It was the same with Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Brexit, Batman V Superman, the new Ghostbusters movie, and of course anything related to Game of Thrones. Developers come to the rescue and figure out a way to block all mention of a particular annoying topic and PokeGone is the Pokemon Go blocker that does that for every mention of the game. It’s a Chrome extension that will block any and all mention of the game from any website you visit.

We’re just as guilty of talking incessantly about Pokemon Go as anyone else is. In fact, the home page features quite a few posts about Pokemon Go.


If you install PokeGone and refresh the page though, this is what you get.


The extension will wipe any page clean that so much as mentions Pokemon Go. This means anything that isn’t related to Pokemon Go will likely be wiped too. This might be a bit overly aggressive for some and if you prefer the extension take it a bit easier on the Pokemon Go content, go to its options and change its Filter Sensitivity.

By default, it is set to ‘Aggressive’ and it is indeed very aggressive. For a more mild mannered approach to scrubbing Pokemon Go from the internet, you can set it to ‘Mild’. If, however, you find ‘Aggressive’ isn’t enough and you want the extension to be more drastic, set the filter sensitivity to ‘Vindictive’.


Install PokeGone From The Chrome Web Store

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