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How To Block All Mention Of The US 2016 Elections From Your Twitter Feed [Chrome]

The US 2016 presidential elections have been very heated. Some of the candidates that are currently running are often at the center of one controversial statement or the other. We’d say more but Season 20 of South Park will probably say it better. Everything to do with this election seems to turn into a loud heated argument that is bound to lose you friends. If you’re sick of the constant stream of people and news outlets discussing the upcoming US elections then Make Twitter Great Again is a Chrome extension you should check out. It hides all US 2016 election tweets from your timeline. The tweets still appear but the text is all replaced with the place holder sentence, ‘This text is about USA election 2016’.


Install the Chrome extension and it will add a little button next to the URL bar. Tap it to make sure the extension is enabled.


All you need to do now is refresh your Twitter feed and all headlines or tweets that are related to the US 2016 elections will be gone.


The extension doesn’t remove images but any headlines that vaguely reference anyone related to the elections are hidden. Make Twitter Great Again doesn’t just focus on the political stuff or the stories that are specifically classified as political. If there’s a tweet in your timeline about one of the candidates that are running, that dropped out of the race, or that might be running mates, etc, the tweet’s text will be hidden. It doesn’t matter if the tweet is about said candidates health, or tax returns, or their hair.

Of course, if you’d like to read the tweet any way you can tap on it to reveal the actual text. It’s much easier than disabling the extension when you want to read up on the latest developments regarding the elections. News stories that aren’t political will continue to appear as they normally do in your timeline.

We’re currently on the look out for something similar for Firefox.

Install Make Twitter Great Again From The Chrome Web Store


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