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How To Check If A Job Description Is Discriminatory [Chrome]

Job titles in tech are pretty creative; companies hire wizards, gurus, and the occasional hackers to develop products. The job titles are no doubt meant to excite and encourage potential employees to apply. This appears to have caught on in other industries as well. There isn’t anything wrong with it unless the job title becomes too vague. With jobs, it’s not just titles that can be vague. At times, job descriptions suffer the same fate. They are either too vague or outright discriminatory. For anyone unfamiliar with what red flags to look for, Joblint is a Chrome extension worth checking out. It lets you check if a job description is discriminatory or not. Here’s how it works.

Joblint works exclusively for tech jobs. It may be able to detect problems in job descriptions from other industries but that’s up to chance.

Joblint scans the text of a job description. Open the job post in a new tab. Select the description and right-click it. From the context menu select ‘Check job description…’.

A new window will open highlighting all issues with the job description. Joblint highlights every single occurrence of a discriminatory infraction. It also tells you what’s wrong with the job description. In some cases, it might be straight forward sexism. In other cases, the job description might be vague using words like ‘guru’, ‘dazzle’, and ‘magic.

If a job description has no problems, Joblint will give it the all clear.

If you’ve worked in the tech industry, or any industry, for a few years this extension isn’t a must-have. Once you’ve spent a few years working and applying for jobs, you get the hang of what a good and detailed job description is. If you’re new, fresh out of college, and just getting started with your job hunt, this extension can help you avoid places that might not offer the best working environment.

Lastly, while it’s a good idea to check if a job description is discriminatory, always look at the results objectively. Make sure the errors pointed out in the job description are actually discriminatory and not a result of the algorithm’s own limitations.

Install Joblint From The Chrome Web Store

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