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How To Create iTunes-Like Smart Playlists In Google Music [Chrome]

As much as people love their iPhones, they hate iTunes. It’s an app that’s forced on to every iPhone and iPad user indiscriminately but it isn’t all bad. For one, iTunes has a pretty neat smart playlists feature that lets you set rules for including songs in a playlist. The rules make it so you don’t have to manually scan and add items from your music library whenever you want to create a playlist. This is a feature that Google Music lacks. Google Music auto-generates smart playlists but if you want to create one with your own rules you can’t without the help of a really awesome Chrome extension called Autoplaylists for Google Music. The extension has a paid subscription based version as well as a free version. With the free version, you can create one smart playlist while the paid version lets you create multiple smart playlists. The subscription costs $1.99/ month.

Install Autoplaylists for Google Music. Open Google Music and click the extension’s button next to the URL bar. The app’s options’ page will open where you can set the rules for including songs in your smart playlist.

You can include songs by a particular artist, from an album, last played, genre, id, duration, and much more. You can add multiple conditions and sub-conditions, and you can generate a playlist that matches all or any one of the conditions you’ve set. You can also limit the number of songs that should be included in a playlist and set priority for which rules should be followed first. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom when you’re done.


This message indicates that the playlist has been added. Go to Google Music and look for the playlist under ‘Playlists’ in the left navigation drawer.

Autoplaylists added

The playlists are created instantly and synced automatically. The extension is no doubt one of the more useful ones we’ve ever seen created for Google Music though the per-month price might deter a lot of people from using it long term. Even though the subscription doesn’t cost a lot, it can add up and perhaps only audiophiles will be willing to pay for it. There’s no denying the extension’s usefulness though nor the genius behind the concept.

Install Autoplaylists for Google Music From The Chrome Web Store

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