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How To Embed A Vine Video On Any Website

Twitter’s Vine app has already started to emerge as a source of lots of videos, some good, some bad, and some horrible, making their way to your timeline. The Vine app itself is very restricted as far as sharing is concerned; it lets you share only the videos you’ve made yourself, and that too only on Twitter or Facebook. You cannot even copy the link for your own videos, and for videos by others that you come across in the Vine app, there are no options for sharing at all. That doesn’t mean you can’t share the videos elsewhere though. A Vine video that’s been shared on Twitter can be shared anywhere you want on the web, and it can also be embedded like any other video. In what follows, we will guide you through the details of doing both.

Every tweet that’s sent out to share a Vine video contains the URL of the video. Tweets themselves can be embedded and if you don’t mind the entire tweet on your webpage, you can simply embed the tweet directly where you want to embed the Vine video. The embedded tweet will play the video complete with audio and all, no matter what page it’s been embedded on.

embed Vine

If you prefer to embed only the video without the tweet though, it’s just as easy. What you need is the video’s URL, and you can copy that from the tweet itself. When embedding the video, paste its URL in the following code:

<iframe src="Your URL here" width="380" height="380" frameborder="0"></iframe>

It should look something like this after you add the URL:

<iframe height="380" src="https://vine.co/v/b5xtO9met21/card" frameborder="0" width="380"></iframe>

You can now add it to the HTML on your website. Your embedded video will look like this:

So the only real problem that you might face in embedding a Vine video anywhere, is getting the link for the video itself. As we said, it isn’t possible from the Vine app and neither is it possible to share a video in Vine itself just for the sake of getting its URL. Thus, for the present, you will be relying solely on Twitter for the links but with this little trick, you can at least share the ones you do find freely on any website. The video link by itself will open the video in your browser in pretty much the same way as an Instagram link opens.

[via Drew B’s Take on Tech PR]

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