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How To Find The Meaning Of An Emoji

Emoji started off as a cute way to express a sentiment that might have otherwise been lost in texting but you can’t really restrict how an emoji is used and their usage has expanded beyond showing love, anger, hate, and sadness. People are now able to post an entire status update on Facebook using just Emoji and other people can apparently understand them. It’s a actually becoming a thing and perhaps the only people who can save us now are grammar Nazis. If an Emoji takeover is imminent, you might need a dictionary to translate the little round heads and what they mean. For that Whatmoji is just the thing. It’s a web app that lets you enter an emoji and tells you what it represents.

Visit Whatmoji, insert the emoji you want to look up the meaning for, and click ‘Identify Emoji’. You will get a description of the emoji as well as the code needed to paste it in the absence of a proper emoji keyboard.

emoji-insert emoji-meaning

Whatmoji won’t be able to translate entire messages written in just Emoji but it does tell you what the characters represent. The app also has entire lists of emojis grouped into their respective categories i.e. Transport, Emoticons, Pictographs etc but the lists aren’t exhaustive and some categories like sports and nature are missing.

The app is best used on a mobile device where emoji keyboards are readily available though you can probably find a way to insert an emoji in your web browser via an add-on or extension.

 Visit Whatmoji

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