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How To Identify And Highlight An Ad In Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook earns revenue from ads and users, people in general, don’t like ads. Users push back with ad-blockers which cut into Facebook’s revenues. Facebook has now started pushing back against ad-blockers making it so they don’t work anymore. Facebook is also working on making ads indistinguishable from regular posts. What this will ultimately result in is content appearing in your News Feed that you think was shared by a friend or a page you follow, when it is in fact an ad. This is more or less Season 19 of South Park with the ‘hidden ads’ in action. Facebook Ad Highlighter is a Chrome extension that highlights these clever ads in your News Feed and helps you tell the difference between a real post and something that is being pushed on to you because you fit a certain demographic.

Install Facebook Ad Highlighter and open Facebook. Go to your News Feed and scroll through the updates. At present, the ads appear as things your friends have liked. These ads are misleading in the sense that they claim your friends might have liked a certain page or product when they might have only liked the page.

You can tell right now that these are ads if you look for a little tag under the post that reads ‘Sponsored’ but Facebook is going to remove this soon so that it will be impossible to tell if an ad is an ad.

Facebook Ad Highlighter

Facebook Ad Highlighter works for now and if you want it to be a bit more obvious when an ad appears in your News Feed, this extension is a must have. When Facebook eventually comes around to making these ads indistinguishable, that is when it will be more useful. Only time will tell if Facebook Ad Highlighter can still highlight them when that eventually happens.

Install Facebook Ad Highlighter From The Chrome Web Store

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