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How To Install Gmail Add-Ons

Chrome has quite the collection of browser add-ons. Google itself has a fairly large library of proprietary add-ons and apps that help to integrate its own services throughout the browser. Google doesn’t just own the best browser in the market today. It also owns one of the best email services; Gmail. Gmail for businesses offers companies, big and small, a great email service that is easy to set-up and that works on all platforms. The team behind Gmail has just introduced add-ons. They were already available for over a year in the develoepr preview but they’ve just graduated to the stable version of Gmail. Here’s how to install Gmail add-ons.

The add-ons that are currently available for Gmail are limited. They’re all also business oriented but include Asana and Trello. It will take a little time but bigger names like Dropbox and Jira will hopefully show up in the library soon.

Install Gmail Add-ons

Although the Gmail add-ons are mostly geared towards businesses, they are available for all users even those that have an ordinary Gmail account.

Open Gmail in your browser and click the cog wheel button under your profile picture at the top right. In the menu that opens, you will see a ‘Get add-ons’ option. Click it.

A window will open showing you the modest Gmail add-ons library.

Look for the one you want to install, and click the Install button. You will have to grant the add-on permission to access your Gmail account. Add-ons require extensive access so make sure you only install the Gmail add-ons you truly trust. The installation only takes a few seconds.

Access Gmail Add-ons

It seems add-ons cannot be accessed from the main Inbox. You have to open an email thread to use the add-on. Inside an email thread, you will see the add-on’s respective icon/logo along the right side of your screen. Click it to expand the panel that add-on will add.

You will of course need to sign in to the service the add-on is for. For example, if you install the Trello add-on, you will need to login to Trello inside Gmail.

This is a good step considering a lot of third-party extensions for Chrome insert something similar inside Gmail. In fact, a good chunk of add-ons in the Chrome Web Store are dedicated to improving Gmail by integrating other popular services. It’s good that Google has taken this head-on. It will ensure that companies have control over their official add-ons and there’s less of a chance of a security breach.

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