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How To Remove Facebook Suggested Pages & Posts In Firefox

Facebook suggests friends for you to add and pages that you might like, which is fine; as the suggestions are presented on the right in a very unobtrusive manner. You can easily ignore them when you’re reading your feed, but the same can’t be said for the suggested and promoted stories that appear in your News feed. Promoted and suggested posts/pages can easily be mistaken as items in your feed if you miss the ‘promoted’ or ‘suggested’ sign. We covered Hide Facebook Suggested Posts for Chrome last year that allowed you to hide the suggested posts. If you’ve been looking for a Firefox add-on that does the same, look no further. Remove Facebook Suggested Pages and Posts takes care of blocking both suggested posts and promoted stories (from pages and from users) from Facebook on Firefox.

The add-on works without requiring any configuration whatsoever; simply install Remove Facebook Suggested Pages and Posts, refresh your Facebook news feed and the suggested posts will be all gone.


With no options to manage and no other features, the add-on is about as basic and barebone as the Chrome extension, and can do with some improvements. It’s not that there are any glitches, but it should have an easy toggle option so that the posts can be hidden and unhidden any time. The add-on assumes that suggested posts and promoted stories are like ads: annoying. The truth is that sometimes posts suggested by friends, and even some promoted stories or pages can be useful. While it would be too much to incorporate a filter for these, a simple on/off switch is manageable and would spare users the trouble of disabling the add-on for the purpose and then re-enabling it.

It might also be a good idea to separate the blocking feature for promoted posts and suggested posts. For instance, some might not want to hide posts suggested by their friends and hide promoted posts only, while others might want to see promoted content and hide just the suggested posts. Adding a way to separately block these two can therefore be useful to many.

Like we said before, not all promoted or sponsored stories are useless and it’s likely that you might find those posts to be a nuisance in your feed when you’re in a hurry to go through it all, but useful or tolerable when you have more time to read it all. A scheduling feature to hide/show the posts during specific hours might further improve the usability of the add-on.

Install Remove Facebook Suggested Pages and Posts For Firefox


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