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How To Save Links To Your Google Account Instead Of To Facebook

Facebook recently expanded its Saved feature with a bookmarklet. The bookmarklet when added to your browser’s bookmarks bar allowed you to click it and save the current tab to your Facebook account. The ‘Save’ feature is thus no longer limited to the links you see on Facebook. Not to be outdone by a more popular social network, Google introduced a similar feature that can be used via its new Chrome extension called Save to Google. In essence, the extension does exactly what the Facebook bookmarklet does except that it saves links to your Google Account. It doesn’t sort them into categories but you can add tags to a link when saving them or after you’ve saved them.

Download and Install the Save to Google extension. You must be signed into your Google account for the extension to work. At no point does the extension ask you to grant it permission to access your account. When you open a link you want to save, click the extension’s button. A small pop-up will open with the title of the page auto-detected and set as the name of the link. You will be able to cycle through the images detected on the page and select whichever one you like best to be the thumbnail, and you will be able to add a tag.

save to google

The pop-up has a ‘View Saves’ button at the bottom that will take you to your Saved page. The page kept throwing a 404 (page not found) error when we tested the extension and it turns out the page it links to isn’t the right one. The link to open your Google Saved items is this.

Google’s also rolled out a new feature that lets you save images you find on Google Image search to your Google account without even needing this extension. The feature so far is only available on Google.com and not on local versions.

Save to Google doesn’t have a Firefox version (yet) but we’re sure someone will hash one together soon and we’ll update this post when that happens.

Install Save To Google From The Chrome Web Store

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