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How To Turn Off Alerts For Group Messages On LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s messaging system doesn’t do the network justice. Given that the network is aimed at professionals, the messaging feature is just a disappointment. The group messages are the worst; you can be added to a massive group and there is no administrative level control on who can send a message to the entire group. People you aren’t connected to will send messages to the group about just about anything and you will get an alert for it. While there is an option to ‘delete’ the conversation, you remain a part of the group and any new messages that are sent to this group reappear in your inbox.  The only way to stay sane and not be bothered by the spam is to turn off alerts for these group messages. Here’s how.

On LinkedIn for web, go to your inbox and click the more options button at the top right of a group conversations. In the drop-down menu select the ‘Mute conversation’ option and you will never be alerted to new activity in the group. You can delete the conversation if you want afterwards.


On the mobile apps, go to your messages and tap the header of a group conversation to go to the Conversation details screen. There’s a Notifications switch here that you can turn off and you will no longer get alerts for new messages in the group.

linkedin-conversation-details linkedin-mute-conversation

Group messages on LinkedIn have no filter of any sort. You can easily include people who are first level and second level connections in the same group and there is no way to limit who can send messages. You end up with conversations ranging from topics like insurance, trainings, job openings, website launches, and requests to like Facebook pages. What LinkedIn needs is to give users an option to leave a group conversation like Facebook does.

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  1. In my experience this doesn’t work. I was included in a spam conversation almost a year ago, and I still can’t get rid of the hundreds of old notifications.

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