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iCloud Gets Updated With New UI In Preparation For iOS 7 Release

Just like it changed prior to the release of iOS 6, iCloud has undergone an update of its own before the public release of iOS 7 that’s just a few hours away. As the latest iOS update offers a complete UI overhaul, it was only to be expected that iCloud will have a new look, too. There are not too many new features in Apple’s cloud service, but the apps and other interface elements now resemble their iOS 7 counterparts. The free iWork suite (still in beta) has a prominent place in the iCloud interface, and navigation between different apps has also become a lot more easy. Just like before, it is possible to access and manage your email, contacts, reminders, notes, and the Find My iPhone feature from anywhere, as long as you have an active iCloud account associated with your Apple ID.

iCloud iOS 7 Home

The new UI starts showing up right from the welcome screen. Behind the login form, there is the familiar dynamic background that ships as iOS 7’s default wallpaper. Once you have signed in, a very simplistic Home screens comes up. For instructions, newcomers can hit the question mark displayed in the top-right corner of the screen, with account settings and the option to sign right next to it.

All the icons displayed by iCloud are exactly like their iOS 7 counterparts. This includes the Contacts icon, which didn’t match the iOS 6 icon previously. The iWork apps all have a beta badge over their icons. Within apps, you can always go back to the Home screen by clicking the cloud icon or the current section’s name.

iCloud iOS 7 Reminders

Most sections of iCloud have changed almost beyond recognition. The Mail app has a pretty flat UI, just like it is on iOS 7, but the Reminders one is slightly different. For one thing, the color-coded task lists look way cooler on a bigger screen than they do on an iPhone. It is also quite easy to add new reminders to the app simply by hitting the button available at the bottom of the screen. The search bar is at the top, just as you’d expect.

The Calendar section boasts a timeline-based UI that is almost identical to the Calendar app in iOS 7. Your scheduled events and upcoming tasks show up against each day according to their duration and start/end times.

iCloud iOS 7 Contacts

It is very convenient managing contacts in the iCloud web interface, thanks to the way lists and contact information is presented. Users can make changes to groups, edit contacts, and perform a quick search to make the most of the iCloud Contacts section.

Find My iPhone hasn’t undergone any major changes, but Notes looks like a landscape version of the iOS app. Existing notes show up in a sidebar on the left of the screen, while the writing area occupies the right side.

iCloud iOS 7 Keynote

Pages (word processor), Numbers (for spreadsheets), and Keynotes (for presentations) are the three iWork apps that were made available for all iCloud users last month. They are still in beta, and some features are non-functional for now.

A lot of people might have reservations regarding the iOS 7 UI, but you have to admit that Apple has simplified things on iCloud with the latest update, and many users are sure to appreciate that.

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