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Insert Any Tweet Into Bernie’s Senate Floor Poster

Memes are born from the most random things. The newest meme currently doing the rounds is that of Bernie Sanders addressing the US Senate with a large print out of one of Donald Trump’s tweets. I’m sure he meant well and the internet is responding rather enthusiastically with their own tweets framed inside Bernie’s poster. If you’d like to get in on the fun, Post the Bern is a simple little web app that’s been developed for that very purpose. All you have to do is paste the URL of a tweet and the app does the rest.

Visit Post the Bern and take a minute to admire the tag line. Open Twitter and find the tweet you want to insert into the poster. Copy its URL, paste it in Post the Bern, and click Go.

Post the Bern

The image takes just a few seconds to generate. Right-click the image to save it to your desktop.

Post the Bern - tweet

The tweet appears exactly as it does on Twitter; complete with the retweet and favorite count, and thumbnail images of accounts that favorited or retweeted the tweet. If a tweet includes emoji, they are rendered perfectly as are any and all hashtags.

Tweets with images are a different story; you only see a third of the image and GIFs are no good. This is likely because you have to tap a photo to view the full version of it. The tweet card only gives you a small preview of the image. On that same note, the poster doesn’t have room for an entire image.

What is especially neat about this app is that you can’t just make up the text of a tweet. It has to come from a tweet you, or someone on Twitter, actually tweeted. This isn’t an app for generating fake tweet cards although tou can tweet something, use the tweet’s URL to generate the image, and then delete the tweet after and there’s no harm done.

Visit Post the Bern

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