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Save & Share Login Info From Desktop & Mobile Web With Intuitive Password

The easiest way to remember passwords, especially if you have a lot of accounts with many different services, is to use the same set of passwords over and over again. That’s also one of the most insecure, downright dangerous, and highly susceptible to getting hacked en masse ways. You should always follow the basic guidelines for settings a strong password: mix up upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, special characters and a voodoo chant. There’s already a solution out there for remembering passwords: password managers. Some operating systems come with the feature built in, i.e. OS X and Ubuntu, along with browsers that have their own (albeit less secure) password manager, and then there are services and extensions like LastPass that make up for any gaps that might have been left. Intuitive Password is a service that allows you to store passwords, credit card information, and network & system login details online. Each entry you make has additional fields apart from the normal username and password fields that allow you to save your secret question/answer, and also the name and web address of the service it’s for. It also helps in cases where you have multiple email accounts and aren’t sure which one you used to sign up for a particular service.

Sign up for a free account to use Intuitive Password and you can start using the service right away. I found the interface slightly unappealing but still easy to navigate. Items are classified into tabs on the left, and the accounts and information stored in each tab is listed in the ‘My Items’ panel in the middle. Items can be added, reviewed, and edited from the right-most panel.

Intuitive Password

To add an item, select its type from the tabs in the column on the left and then fill in the relevant fields in the ‘New Item’ tab. Not only can you edit the categories listed on the left, but you can also add new ones and manage which fields appear for each entry. To edit or add categories, click the settings button that appears when you hold your mouse over a category.

add item categories

Intuitive Password allows you to save 100 entries on a free account. Click the ‘Account Details’ tab just above the left column to view your account’s status and edit your account information.

manage accounts

Intuitive Password lets you share log in information over email as well and likewise, the information can be shared with you by other users of the service. This is useful when you have to generate or manage user accounts for a large number of people (for network portals, or websites) and need to keep track of them. And one of the best things about the service is that it has a responsive design, and you need nothing more than a browser to use it comfortably on your tablet or phone.

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