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Inunico.de Is A Real-Time Search Engine For Unicode Characters [Web]

The web is littered with Unicode characters, and sometimes, even though we know the name of a character, we tend to forget its exact shape, symbol and details. This is where Inunico.de, a web application, can come in handy. The app lets you browse different Unicode characters simply by typing a symbol’s name, after which it displays matching Unicode characters from its database.Inunico.de comes with a neat minimalist interface, which makes it exceptionally easy-to-use. All you have to do is simply type the name of a Unicode character and hit Enter. A table of results will be displayed with all the possible matches. Each symbol comes with name, uppercase and lowercase details. If you know the exact name of your Unicode character, you can even use its name as a sub-domain of the service to navigate directly to that letter.



You can click any character to view it in a larger size or copy it to the clipboard.




The web app is one for quick reference if you vaguely remember what a character is called but cannot draw it. There are some web apps like Shapecatcher that ask you to draw shapes and then it identifies them from those that are in its database. It focuses on the shape of a character whereas inunico.de uses a character’s name to help identify it. The character search it does is refined as you continue to type will help you find the right one even if you remember what the name ‘sounded’ like.

Inunico.de is a handy utility that quickly lets you search and lookup Unicode characters with all their variations. It can be used to identify a particular character and understand the various similar ones. If you often need to search symbols, then you should definitely add it to your list of bookmarks.

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