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Jumpshare: Instant File Sharing With Online Viewing For 200+ File Formats

Today, you’ve got a very wide range of file sharing services; some focus on syncing, while others focus on providing a better interface. Google and Microsoft have an integrated cloud drive that works with their email service and yet services like Dropbox and Box are around showing you that file sharing can always get better and simpler. These services all have something in common; they’re meant to store files only to be retrieved later. Downloading a file and viewing it on your computer seems normal but the thing is, normal isn’t necessarily convenient and that’s where a service like Jumpshare makes an innovative mark.

Jumpshare is the brain child of Ghaus Iftikhar. Many of you know him as the founder of AddictiveTips. It is a file sharing service, currently in Beta, that allows you to upload and share files by emailing or copying and sharing the link on different social media sites. It also has its very own file viewer that allows you to open all your files online. You don’t need to download them and you aren’t reliant on any software or app to open a file for you.

Jumpshare’s interface is kept clean and minimal throughout. Files are uploaded via drag & drop and once they’re queued to upload, you can share the link to them immediately. They are shared in folders, i.e. multiple files that are uploaded at once go to a single folder, and each folder has its own link. Files are kept for 2 weeks and the date of deletion is mentioned at the bottom of this folder view.


This essentially means one link gives access to all files in the folder. If you aren’t up for sharing the link to an entire folder, you can share the link to a single file by opening it in the file viewer. Jumpshare has ‘real time’ file sharing, i.e. the files are shared and are immediately accessible by both you and the recipient as each one is uploaded. Files can be opened in the file viewer on each side. You can save the link and later upload additional files to the same folder. Since there aren’t any accounts yet, Jumpshare relies on cookies to save your session.

A sidebar details when the files in a folder were uploaded, when they will expire (all files expire after 2 weeks), the number of files and the total size. You can also switch between Grid and List view from here.

folder view jumpshare

The file viewer currently supports over 200 formats; see the complete list of supported file formats. Right now, you can open most media formats. Firefox users might experience a noticeable delay when viewing some audio and video formats. This is because it uses Flash to render them, and that takes time. Chrome offers you the best viewing experience as far as audio and video playback is concerned.

Some documents might appear slightly off when viewed, but other than that, the viewer works like a charm.

jumpshare document viewer

For now, the service has no user accounts, but the Jumpshare team is working on adding the option. The current absence of user accounts has its pros and cons. The good thing about it is that it makes file sharing file super-fast; you don’t need to go through the trouble of signing up and then signing in each time you want to upload files. The disadvantage is that your files will be gone after 2 weeks, and there isn’t an option to keep them around longer.

While you are bound to like the simplicity and speed of Jumpshare and may or may not complain about the lack of user accounts at present, one thing most people will fall in love with is the file viewer. Give it a try!

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