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Auto-Save Gmail Attachments To & Attach Files From Cloud With Kloudle

Earlier this year, we covered a Chrome extension called Cloudy that allows you to attach files in Gmail from multiple cloud storage services or your Facebook account directly, without having to download them to your desktop first. Kloudle is a similar service that can connect with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and lets you attach files to your emails in a way similar to Cloudy. Kloudle supports far fewer services than Cloudly but coupled with its Chrome extension, the service does something else as well that can be really useful – it allows you to save files from your Gmail account to any one of your cloud drives. Files are saved automatically based on ‘rules’ that you create, and you can create up to ten rules. Think of it as the famous service IFTTT, working entirely in your email.

Kloudle is available only for Chrome. Install the extension and it will ask to connect with your Gmail account as well as at least one cloud storage service.

Kloudle cloud services

Once connected, you can go to the ‘Add-ons’ tab and add rules for saving files to one of your drives. The rules are set on three parameters: what to do with the file, which files to save, and where to save them. A file can be copied, moved, or deleted. All files received as attachments, sent/received from a particular address, having a particular size, or containing a particular word in the title can be saved to any folder in your Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive account. A rule can be turned off, edited, or deleted at any time.

Kloudle rules

To attach a file using Kloudle, open the ‘Compose’ window and you will find the Kloudle logo next to the attach button. Clicking it will open the attach file menu. You can select any service and browse folders to find the right file. You can only attach one file at a time. Files can be protected by a password; click the ‘Public’ button and select one of three access options for the file you’re attaching. Files are set to public by default, so be very careful who you send them to.

Kloudle attach file

If you ever need to access Kloudle’s settings, click the the Kloudle drop-down menu next to your profile picture in Gmail’s interface.

Kloudle settings

Kloudle is pretty good at what it does, but needs to support more cloud storage services and allow users to add more rules. The rules themselves are fairly smart and cover the basic parameters that most users would need.

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[via Lifehacker]

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