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ListenItLater Is Like Read It Later Or Instapaper For Music [Web]

Music is believed to be the most vivid language in order to express the inexpressible. The passion for music has never been as alive and nourished as it is since the internet resources revealed music oriented communities that help everyone who is serious about music. In the realms of a wide range of such applications, ListenItLater (sounds similar to Read It Later, no? It’s not just the name, but the functionality too) grabbed my attention due to its potential to help you listen to a continuous stream of songs or be the DJ of your own music station. ListenItLater allows you to easily save the music you find so you can play it when you do have the time, helping you find, save and listen to your new music easier, better, and faster.

Accounts can be easily created by clicking on the ‘Create Account’ button at the top-right of the welcome page. It also allows you to log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Once that is done, you can start creating multiple playlists of newly found music and podcasts collected from streaming websites.



There are two ways you can add to your ListenItLater music collection; from within the web app itself, using the the search bar, and through a bookmarklet (the same method used by Read It Later, Instapaper and other similar services) for when you stumble upon a song of your liking while browsing the web. Utilizing these two means in conjunction, you can search for and gather songs into any number of varied playlists to listen to later when you have more time to enjoy them.


According to a research carried out in Jan 2012, the leading social sound platform SoundCloud has reached up to 10 million registered users. Keeping the same thing in mind, ListenItLater incorporates SoundCloud’s vast array of sounds (with YouTube about to be added), allowing you to search for songs from its repository and add them to your playlists through drag and drop. Reordering of songs in a playlist too can be done in the same way.


ListenItLater is currently a web-only application, but according to the information on its welcome page, it doesn’t plan to stay restricted to the web for long. Apart from supporting all major web browsers, ListenItLater aims to soon release clients for tablet and smartphone users.

Despite being an interesting application, ListenItLater still needs improvements in the user interface, bug fixes, and most significantly, adding more platforms like YouTube (which they already intend to do). Though, spare time is something that very few of us have a lot of.  While we may have the time and inclination to search out new music, it’s rare to find enough time to thoroughly ingest the music you’ve found. This is where ListenItLater comes in.

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