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Look Up What Song Was Playing During A Scene In A Movie Or TV Show

Music plays a very important part in both movies and TV shows. It is so important that it has its very own category at the Oscars. Often, the music score or the tracks included are the only redeemable quality for some movies and TV productions, and at other times, many tracks rise from obscurity to mainstream music solely because they were part of a popular motion production. TuneFind is a crowd sourced service that lists songs that were played during a movie or an episode of a TV show. The songs are listed with a brief description of what scene they were played during, and users can authenticate or question a listing, as well as submit a new one.

If you’re looking for a song from a popular movie that’s been released in recent months, or for a song that played during a TV show that is currently on-air, you might just find it in the featured list on the front page of TuneFind. If you don’t see it there, use the search bar at the top. You can browse an index of all available movies, tv shows, and even artists by using the View All drop-down next to the search bar at the top.


TV series are listed by season and episode whereas moveis are listed as single titles. Click the relevant result from your search to view a complete list of songs that were played. Under each song, you will see a small description of the scene it was played through. Songs that have a check mark nex to them are those that have been voted as correct by users while those that have both a check mark and a cross are yet to be decided.

If you want to add a song yourself, click the Add Song button at the top. Like all other entries, your entry will be voted on by other users.

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