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Mail Control: Check, Read & Compose Gmail Messages When Offline [Chrome]

Are you looking for an easy way to read and compose emails even when you’re not connected to the internet? Mail Control adds a highly useful functionality to your browser – reading and composing Gmail emails offline. This handy Chrome extension pops up a toolbar with Offline Mail, Desktop Gmail, Compose Mail (desktop and offline), Show Last notification and Google Calendar options. After installation, the extension will require you to allow offline emailing in Gmail; once done, you will be able to compose messages offline, which will be sent to the recipient next time you connect to the internet. Moreover, you will be able to access all your folders, including Inbox, Sent, Starred and Important Mail. The button in the toolbar displays a count for unread messages and lets you switch between three different pop-up layouts. Additionally, you will be able to switch between Desktop and Offline Gmail options; however, please note that you will have to install the Offline Google Mail Chrome app in order for Mail Control to completely work. Mail Control is really handy for those who are not connected to internet all the time, but need to access their inbox for various purposes.

After you’ve installed the extension, simply click the button in the toolbar to access Desktop or Offline Gmail. The Notification pop-up style allows you to mark items as read or spam and delete messages. With it, you can also Show Gmail labels and open different folders. Mail Control displays desktop notifications and an unread e-mail count on the button in the toolbar, so you can always keep track of new emails. Offline Google Mail downloads up to a week’s email by default, but you can increase that up to a month from the Offline Google Mail Settings.

notification menu

The Mail Control Options allow you to Enable messages check, change the Polling interval and the Notification time from drop-down menus. Additionally, you will find three pop-up menu styles, viz Icon Menu, Notification menu and No pop-up menu.


Overall, Mail control is a user-friendly extension that allows you to read/compose emails and make changes to your Gmail inbox when offline, which will then be synced whenever you go online the next time. With it, you will never miss an important email due to lack of internet access, so visit the link below and give it a try!

Install Mail Control For Google Chrome

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