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Make Your Writing Easier To Read By Using 1000 Commonly Used Words

Writing is tricky business; you don’t just have to get words out on paper, you also have to make sure what you’ve written can be understood by whoever reads it. This is often the more daunting part of writing because you can rarely guesstimate the comprehension level of your reader. EasyWrite a little text analyzing web app that aims to make your writing easier to understand. The app has a database of the one thousand most commonly used words and when your writing contains a word that can be substituted by one that is more commonly used, EasyWrite highlights it.

Visit EasyWrite and paste the text you want to test for readability. The app will analyse it and highlight the words that are uncommon. That is unfortunately the limit of the app’s abilities. It doesn’t tell you what alternative common words you can use to replace the uncommon/difficult ones. You are left to guess what might be an easier way to say what you want to without compromising the meaning of it.


EasyWrtie is best used when you are communicating with someone who doesn’t understand English well. You should also add a good dose of common sense when considering the highlighted words because common words change from context to context. Some words might be very common in a particular niche that you’re writing for, e.g., if you’re writing anything related to mobile operating systems Android will be a very common word and not one that needs explaining, replacing, or simplification.

The concept behind EasyWrite is pretty neat since it tells you which words make your document difficult to read and it’s a useful tool despite its limited features. If you’re looking to get some more insight into how easy a document is to read, you can get a readability report in MS Word.

Visit EasyWrite


  1. It looks awesome!
    Maybe you should ask for suggestions from us..
    Just an idea..
    I actually have no suggestions, but you have a great beginning list.

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