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Map of Metal Shows Genres Through The Decades With Playlists For Each One

History is boring unless you’re reading about Westeros and if you’re learning about the history of something interesting, like music, you will be surprised to learn that it can still be boring. Map of Metal is a web app that charts the history of Metal and its many sub-genres on a map. You can see the different genres that existed in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and the 00s by panning through the map. Of course, it’s not just a cleverly designed list of music genres; every genre that you click on, you get a description of what it is and a nice list of popular songs from that genre. You can click a song to play it on the site. The songs are played as embedded YouTube videos.

Map of Metal loading

Visit the web app and admire their amazing splash screen while you encourage the page load progress. The web app is designed like a map, a pirate map to be precise with a legend that explains what the images next to a genre name maen. It’s unfortunately, partially obstructed by the video player so the dev might want to look into that. You get four different types of genres associated with Metal. The primary genre, the metal genre, the fusion genre, and related genres. Pan across the map and click a genre you want to learn about. As you pan across the map, you will see the music decades divided by a chain. The maps reads top left to bottom right starting with the 60s and ending with the 00s.

Click a genre name and you will get a list of songs from that genre. Click a song to play it and scroll down to the bottom of the page to access playback controls.

Map of Metal

At the top right, are the app’s settings and a full screen option. Under settings, you can enable color management, the visual quality of the map (it’s set to high by default), and the streaming quality (which is set to medium by default).


Map of Metal settings


At the bottom left, is the genre description duly linked to its source. It isn’t very detailed but the app is meant to be used as a visual tool that gives you a cursory look at what a particular metal sub-genre is with some helpful examples of a particular genre and not a complete history lesson. If you really like that map you’re panning over, you can purchase a poster of it for $40 from the ‘Buy Poster’ link at the top.

Visit Map of Metal


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