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Morphine: Website Blocker With A Unique Reward-Based System For Unblocking [Chrome]

When working on a PC, if someone sends you a link to a funny image or video, you get distracted from your work and everything else seems to start appearing a lot more interesting than the actual work itself. Websites like Facebook and YouTube can be a major distraction and have the potential for becoming a cause of missing important deadlines. So, what do you do to stop yourself from getting distracted while working? One option is to use website blockers that allow you to block selected websites for a certain period of time. However, if the user still has control of unblocking time-wasting websites, it is quite possible that once completely unblocked, a lot of time will be wasted before the user starts working again. Today, we have a web extension for Google Chrome called Morphine, which lets you block specific websites for an unlimited time, allowing you to access them for small periods only. Read on to find out about Morphine.

Morphine basically works on a reward system. When you are using the computer, you are granted some minutes in your balance as a reward for not visiting time wasting websites. By default, you get 1 minute per 10 minutes of internet usage. You can use this balance to access the blocked website for the time accumulated in your account. So, for instance, if you use the internet for 100 minutes, you will be allowed to use the blocked websites for 10 minutes.

When you install the extension, the Options tab opens up, allowing you to specify which websites to block, the interval for giving out reward minutes and the size of the reward (1 or 2 minutes per 10 minutes). To block a website, just type its URL under the Blocked Sites field.

Morphine options - Google Chrome_2012-06-07_15-55-16

When you try to access a blocked website, instead of the website, the Morphine dashboard will open. There are buttons for +1, +3, +5 and the total available minutes to access the website. The Balance and Meter are displayed at the top.

Morphine - Google Chrome.png available

The available balance can also be checked by clicking the Morphine icon in the top right corner of your browser Window.

Morphine options - Google Chrome_2012-06-07_16-25-03

When you visit a blocked website using the accumulated minutes in your balance, a timer appears over the Morphine icon in the top right corner, letting you know how much time you have left to continue browsing through that domain.


The extension is a highly useful one, and considerably different from others of its genre, as it allows you to focus on work without creating the feeling of an absolute ban. The illusion of control offered by Morphine might appeal more to most users, as it’s human nature to get allured by rewards, whether they be cash or just minutes for browsing.

Install Morphine For Google Chrome

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