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How To Mute Tabs In Chrome 64 And Above

You can mute a tab in Chrome. It’s a fairly useful feature that Google added a while back that allowed you to mute all audio in a tab. Once a tab is muted, you can load any website you want and it too will be muted. This feature has some drawbacks; it’s not domain specific and the mute only lasts as long as the tab is open. If you close it, and open it again, the audio is reset. To counter these shortcomings, Google has updated the mute feature in Chrome 64. Now, you can mute websites and Chrome will remember the domain. Whenever you visit the website again, Chrome will automatically mute it. This new feature comes at a price; you cannot mute tabs in Chrome 64+ anymore. The option is gone. Here’s how to get it back if you prefer the mute tab feature over mute site.

Update Chrome

Update Chrome to the latest version. This has nothing to do with getting the mute tab functionality back. We’re encouraging you to update your browser and not stay on an older version just because the new one has a feature you don’t like. Outdated browsers can be a security risk so don’t risk it. Update to Chrome 64, and then read on to learn how you can mute tabs in Chrome 64+ again.

Mute Tabs In Chrome 64+

To mute tabs in Chrome 64+, you need to change two flags. Also, you can only have one of the two options enabled. If you enabled the mute tab option, you will have to disable the mute site option.

In Chrome, paste the following in the address bar. Open the dropdown next to the Tab audio muting UI control flag, and select the ‘Enabled’ option.


Next, paste the following in the Chrome address bar. Open the dropdown next to the Sound Content Setting flag, and select Disabled. Relaunch Chrome.


That’s all you need to do. Right-click a tab in Chrome and you will see the old Mute tab option is back and the Mute site option is gone.

This mute tab feature is the same one that older versions of Chrome had. The mute lasts only for the current session and it isn’t domain specific. You can mute and unmute tabs by right-clicking a tab and selecting the mute/unmute options.

Chrome generally keeps flags around for a long time but it does eventually retire them. This means that at some point in the future, these flags might be removed and you’re going to be left with the Mute site option and nothing else.


  1. I wonder why did Google changed individual tab muting into site-wide muting. I think it’s only useful for people who browse porn a lot at work. Good thing the individual tab muting feature can be restored.

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