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Get A Neater Chrome Bookmarks List That Remembers Last Opened Bookmark

We’ve covered extensions for managing bookmarks in abundance, but since no single extension has enough features to satisfy everyone’s needs, we keep looking for more. Neater Bookmarks is yet another Chrome extension that will make it easier for you to browse your Chrome bookmarks. Bookmarks in Chrome are accessible from the bookmarks bar, and if you prefer to keep it hidden for the most part, you are either toggling its visibility or accessing it from Chrome’s options (which is kind of the long route). Neater Bookmarks adds a button beside the omnibar that neatly displays all bookmarks in a small pop-up. Not only is the panel’s layout visually appealing, it also remembers your position when you’ve scrolled to a folder and highlights recently opened bookmarks when you close and re-open them. Apart from this, the extension allows you to customize how links are opened. You can open all bookmarks inside a particular folder and close unused folders (in the panel’s tree view) once you’re done with it.

Click the Neater Bookmarks button to open the bookmarks panel, which displays bookmarks in an expandable tree structure with a search bar at the top. The extension searches the title and URL of a bookmark and will ignore the folder names. Clicking a bookmark will open it in the current tab and close the panel. When you next open it, the last bookmark you opened will be highlighted and your scroll position within the list of bookmarks will be retained.

Neater Bookmarks

If you don’t want Neater Bookmarks to remember your scroll position, head over to its options and uncheck the ‘Remember previous state’ option to disable this feature.

There are other options for managing which tab a bookmark will open in, but they are all disabled by default. You can set the bookmarks panel to remain open after you’ve clicked one of the bookmarks by checking the ‘Popup stays open when opening (left-clicking) bookmarks’.

Neater Bookmarks Options

You can also set the zoom level for the bookmarks list to as high as 150%, which is excellent for people with visual impairments.

Neater Bookmarks has a pretty good layout, but that too can be edited if you can create your own CSS sheet. The extension allows you to upload both a custom style sheet and change the extension’s icon.

Neater Bookmarks isn’t meant to help you manage your bookmarks better; it is for ease of use and accessibility. It is astounding that Chrome doesn’t natively remember your scroll position, and that feature alone is a great reason to give the extension a try.

Install Neater Bookmarks For Chrome

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