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Notegraphy Is An Instagram Like App For Typography

Poor typography destroys great design; it doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur web designer or a skilled one, the right typography choice plays an essential part of your design. For so long we’ve seen apps like Instragram single-handedly turning our casual images into visual masterpieces. But never have we seen an app doing the same to our favorite font types. Well, not until we put Notegraphy to the test, of course. It’s a new app for Android that aims to bring meaning to your text snippets, to have fun with type faces that you love, and create artistic examples out of them that you can proudly share with your friends. It carries a ton of great features and an interface that just works every time.

Notegraphy_Sign Up Notegraphy_Profile

Notegraphy flaunts a minimal interface; it’s simple and user-friendly, and free from any intrusive elements. The first thing you need to do upon launch is to sign up with the service via Facebook, Twitter or email. Once done, you can begin creating your Instagram-esque notes right away. Here’s how.

First off, you need to tap the pen icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and then jot down your favorite quote, phrase or any other text snippet that you want to convert. Notegraphy then lets you apply a number of different templates to your notes referred to as Styles. Each of the template can be found at the bottom, and all of them offer three color variations that you can switch between by tapping any of the small circle. Some of the designs like Candy, Haiku, Vinyl and Swords are really good, although your preferences may vary.

Notegraphy_Type Notegraphy_Style Notegraphy_Style 2

After creating a note and applying your desired style, tap Publish in the upper right-hand corner to upload it your profile. The app also enables you to give your note a title and also assign tags to make the note easily searchable by others.

Another great aspect about Notegraphy is its Explore section (accessible form the navigation drawer) which allows you to browse thousands of beautifully formatted layouts created by other Notegrahpy users. The Explore screen carries various custom made styles, split into different sub tabs including Latest, Inspiration, Laugh and Story.

Notegraphy_Publisjh Notegraphy_Sidebar Notegraphy_Explore

Users can preview a style in full screen by tapping on it. While previewing, Notegraphy allows you to share the design with other apps, post a thanks or begin following the design’s creator right away.

Notegraphy_View Notegraphy_Thanks

All in all, a great app that turns your favorite text snippet into beautiful art. The app is also available on iOS and the web, both of which offer similar features and functionality found in Android version. The app also has a web version that you can access from the web browser on your desktop. You can download it for free via the link below.

Install Notegraphy from Play Store

Install Notegraphy from the App Store

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