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OneQstn Makes Creating & Getting Feedback On Surveys A Snap

When I was working on my final project for a research methodology course, one unnecessarily frustrating problem I had was not being able to  find a free online service that would allow me to survey a lot of people (this was before Facebook Polls made an appearance). I needed something that was simple to use and that my sample population could fill out quickly without having to sign up or figure anything out. Sadly, I never found it and the project took longer than it should have to complete. OneQstn is the kind of service I was looking for; it allows a user to create a question, set as many answers as they need, and then share it on social media. Your sample population does not have to sign in with any account to be able to vote on it. You receive a ‘results’ link that you can visit from time to time to see how the polling is going.

Not only voters but even you as the surveyor do not have to sign up. You will have to enter your contact information including your first and last name, and your email address, but there’s no actual signing up involved.  To get started, type in your question, and fill in the options for the answers. You start off with just three answers but you can add more by clicking ‘Add Option’.

set question

Next, fill in your contact details, and you’re all done. You’ll be redirected to a page with a link to share your question, and another link that will allow you to see the results of the voting. Voting results aggregate live and though there is no way to import them into a CSV file, the graph displaying the results lets you know at a glance which option is more popular. If you plan on using an app for analysing the data, you will have to fill it in manually, but I can’t count that as a drawback (even though many might) for the simple reason that filling these forms is ridiculously simple. You can also add the link to a QR code and people will be able to fill it right from their smartphones too, with absolutely no signing up required.

OneQstn Results

The only thing that could pose a problem for anyone is that one link can only point to one question, and no research is limited to just one question. To have others fill out multiple questions, you’re asking them to visit several different links and that might limit the number of respondents for your study. However, since the service is called ‘One Question’, that is to be expected. To make things easier, you can embed the question on your website so that’s a really easy way to work around this. The embed code for each question can be found on its results page, and embedding multiple questions on a single web page on your website will let you make complete multi-question surveys without a hassle.

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