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Online Algebra Solving Tool That Gives Step-By-Step Instructions

A few week ago we reviewed an iOS app called PhotoMath that could read simple printed mathematical problems from your phone camera and solve them. Math was the bane of my academic life and I could have used an app like PhotoMath, and also one like MathPapa’s Algebra Calculator. It’s a web app that can solve algebra problems. You can input a problem, or an equation, to get an answer complete with the solution steps. You can also fill in values for the variables in an algebraic equation and arrive at the final answer for it. The app has a great mobile mode that makes entering formulas easier if you aren’t using it from your desktop.


Enter an algebraic problem in the text field provided. It might not look the same as it does because keyboards lack character keys for some mathematical functions but as you type the problem, the app reads it, and displays it in its correct mathematical form. I tested it out with a very basic algebraic formula with two variables and it was able to expand it perfectly.

Algebra Calculator

You can try it with a more complex form of this same formula and it still works great.

Algebra Calculator2


If you know the values for the variables, e.g. you’re solving it for the quadratic equation, you can switch to the Evaluate tab and enter the value of the unknown variables to solve it for a single value.

Algebra Calculator_evaluate

There’s no question to the accuracy of this calculator. If you’re a student, it’s a pretty good cheat sheet and guide. If you’re a teacher, it’s still a pretty good cheat sheet and guide, but also a useful aid. The mobile version is pretty good though what the app could use on both the mobile version and the desktop version is the ability to input mathematical symbols more easily. Take for example the Quadratic equation that requires the use of an under-root symbol that keyboards don’t support. Other than that, I have no complaints about this app. It not solves an algebraic problem by maintaining a syntax to explain the solution to steps better which shows attention to detail and it helps understand the solution more easily. I wish this existed when I was in school and struggling with homework.

Visit Algebra Calculator 

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