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Open A Time Limited Tab And Restrict Your Procrastination Browsing

One more link, one more video, and one more image; that’s how hours go by and nothing gets done. It’s hard to not procrastinate and people go to great lengths to enforce barriers between them and their mode of procrastination. Employers will often block certain time wasting websites from being accessible in an attempt to boost productivity and that (sometimes) works. If however, you prefer to regulate yourself instead of being forced to be productive, there are a lot of tools out there that help you balance a quick break between work that needs to be done. Take a five is a little web app that lets you open a ‘timed’ tab. The tab lets you access any website you want but once the timer runs out, the tab will be closed without warning.

Visit Take a five and select how long you want your break to be. The app comes with three preset times; 2, 5, and 10 minutes. You can also set a custom time for your break.

Take a five-time

Once the time is set, Take a five provides you with a few helpful links to sites like Reddit and Buzzfeed to help you begin. You can access any other website that you want provided you do it from the Take a five tab.

Take a five

The website opens in a new tab and you need to keep the original Take a five tab open. A timer will start in the tab.

BuzzFeed -timed-tab

Once the timer runs out, your procrastination tab will be closed automatically and Take a five will tell you that your time has run out.

Take a five-end

And that’s pretty much it. Get back to work.

Visit Take a five

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