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Organize Tabs Into Groups You Can Name & Easily Switch Between Them [Chrome]

Grouping tabs together isn’t a novel idea. For most of us, we group our tabs subconsciously when we open them in different windows. Perhaps we dedicate a window to just emails that need answering, and the second one to the YouTube videos that need to buffer before you can watch them. Spaces is a Chrome extension that lets you group the tabs you have open into spaces. It’s a lot like the group tabs feature in Firefox except it is easier to switch between your groups, you can name the groups, and you don’t necessarily have to open a link to add it to a group.

Spaces has its own console that you can manage the groups, i.e. spaces, from. Each time you create a new group, you switch to the extension’s console where you can name the new group and see all tabs in any of the other groups. The console also lets you export and import the groups you’ve created.


When installed, Spaces adds a square button next to the Omnibar that you click whenever you want to add the current tab to a space. Tabs are added to the ‘active’ space i.e. the current one.

manage space

If you want to save a tab to a different space, click ‘Move active tab’ and a small window pops open letting you select a different space to send it to.


Spaces also adds an option to the right-click context menu that lets you right-click a link and send it to an existing space. When you select the ‘Add link to space’, the same window shown above pops up so you can select a space to send the link to. It’s fairly fast and has a pretty good import/export feature.

Install Spaces From The Chrome Web Store


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