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Otixo’s Collaboration Spaces Let Users Work Across Multiple Cloud Services [Web]

Last summer, we reviewed Otixo, a web service that allows you to connect multiple cloud storage services and view files you have stored across them in a single place. At the time it was reviewed, Otixo was young and supported Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.net, MobileMe and FTP servers. Over the past year, the people behind Otixo have been hard at work adding new features and improving the ones that existed back then. Of the many changes at Otixo, the recent introduction of Collaboration Spaces has been noteworthy. Given that you’ve connected one or more of your cloud storage services, it only makes sense that you would want to be able to share them easily. While cloud services allow you to share files, Otixo gives you that same feature with the flexibility of sharing files from one service to another.

Supposing you use something like three cloud storage services, and not everyone you need to collaborate with has an account with all of those. This is where Otixo’s collaboration spaces come in. Provided everyone has an Otixo account, you need not be concerned who uses Dropbox or who uses Google Drive, since you will be sharing you files with Otixo users.

To create a collaboration space, sign in to your Otixo account and click the plus sign next to My Spaces and name it. To add collaborators, select the space you just added, click the little cog wheel button at the bottom and select Manage Collaborators. A dialog box will open, allowing you to invite users via email to your space.

otixo collaboration spaces

To add a file to a space, select one of the drives you’ve added and navigate to a file or folder you want to add. Right click it and select Attach to. Alternatively, you can go to a collaboration space and upload a file to it via the Upload button at the top.

add file to space

Otixo also provides a separate activity log for each space. The activity log allows you to see recent events like a newly added file or a new collaborator that’s joined the space. Under Items, you can view all files that have been added to a particular space. Users can add comments to files that have been uploaded and it too will appear in the activity log.

This new addition to Otixo might have more appeal at the enterprise level; however, it is an excellent feature to accompany a service that can connect with multiple cloud storage services and adds considerable utility to it.

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