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Override Fonts Used By Websites & Set Your Own Text Preferences [Firefox]

Websites, particularly those that feature text-based content instead of videos or images make it a point to be easy to read. Not all websites are that considerate though and some do choose down-right terrible fonts. Fortunately, with typography becoming more and more important, it’s rare to see truly terrible fonts used. Where the letters themselves make for easy reading, they may appear too small to some. Whatever the case, if you prefer reading in a particular font or would like to just make the font a bigger size without zooming in the web page, Firefox lets you override the default font used by a website and set your own. Here’s how.

Go to Firefox’s preferences, and click the Content tab. Scroll down to the Fonts & Colors sections and choose a different font or change the default font size. Click the Advanced button once you’re done.


In the Fonts pop-up uncheck the ‘Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above’ to override a web page’s font settings and impose your own. You can also set a minimum font size so that text is always a certain size if not larger.


Reload a web page and watch as the font is replaced with the one you’ve picked. Obviously, this only works for text and not any text that is part of an image i.e. an image itself. It also doesn’t seem to work for the Reading mode which is odd but that may be because the reading mode itself has two text options ‘Sans-Serif and Serif’ and an independant font size control.

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